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To provide education and training support, especially to the rural poor, on simple, low cost and sustainable technologies, with the objective of improving their Health and Nutrition, Agriculture, Livelihoods and Ecology.


To provide life and livelihood enhancing education in the fields of

Health & Nutrition

Health – causes, prevention and cures for simple ailments, particularly for nutrition-deficient anaemia.

Nutrition – need for balanced diets, sources of nutrients, organic production of diverse, safe and nutritious vegetables and fruits in kitchen gardens or in a part of the farm.

Agriculture – principles and practices of agro-ecology, such as compost making, non pesticidal management of pests, on-farm bio pesticide manufacture, integrated farming systems , rain water harvesting etc.

Livelihoods – food preservation and processing and other income generating vocations such as tailoring, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, masonry and other trades and also basic education as  a foundation for higher studies and livelihood opportunities.

Ecology – knowledge of the web of life consisting of different species, their relationships with humans, and the linkage between ecological and economic sustainability.